Saturday, November 12, 2016

"Descansos Along the Ancestral Road" now open in Albuquerque

On November 4th, 2016, Descansos Along the Ancestral Road opened at FreeStyle Gallery in Albuquerque. In spite of rain and street repairs, an appreciative crowd came to participate. Each artist in the exhibit developed his or her work with care and attention to honoring meaningful moments of their ancestral or present day life stories. Love and nostalgia is evident in each heartfelt piece. Of all the exhibits in the Creation/Migration series, this latest seems most personal and close to the hearts of the creators of the work. The viewers, therefore, were curious and personally touched by the meanings within the artworks.

Equally touching and poignant was the poetry reading by Max Early. The ancestral voices and stories of Max's Laguna Pueblo family and culture resonated through the gift of his words.

Here are some photos from the exhibit.

Jaymes Dudding, "Fire Fighters' Memorial Flag"

Kai Harper, "We're on our way to no where"

Jean Nichols, "Altar de Amor"

Betsie Miller-Kusz, "Cruz del Tiempo". Donna Caulton, "Journey Between Two Worlds"

Donna Lea, "Valles Caldera Descanso" and "Altar"

Max Early, "Carry Your Canteen on Your Journey Home"

Ralph Greene, "Artifacts"

Krystofer Meadows, "Alabama Now and Then.....ancestral memories"

Poetry Reading, Max and Betsie

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