Donna J Caulton 

 Donna Caulton’s paintings may be considered mandalas of the natural order.  The story is of an earth in balance. In traveling her imagined landscapes, a central sphere brings light, centering, balance, and the intent of wholeness. The two balancing elements required for sustaining earthly well being: the celestial source of light and spirit, and the earth source of growth, cyclical change and reproduction, show up in various ways in Donna’s work.  She has developed a visual language around the balance of masculine and feminine elements, light and dark, death and rebirth, and in symbolic representation of the cycles of life and reproduction within earth’s ancient story. Her acrylic paintings are in bold colors, dense with representations of life forms and symbolic in interpretation.


2007, Sept-Dec:          Fellowship Grant Recipient; Helene Wurlitzer Foundation, Taos NM
2004, March:               First Place Water Media Award, Gold Show, Clallam Arts Center, Port                                     Angeles, WA
2003, August:              People’s Choice Award, Master Gardener Exhibit, Port Townsend, WA
1990, June:                 Orleana Harsch Award, NW Watercolor Society Annual Exhibit, Bellevue   Art                Museum, Bellevue, WA
1990, June:                 Watercolor Award, Northwest Annual, Bellevue, WA
1989, May:                   Langnickel Professional Painting Award, 49th Annual NW Watercolor 
                                    Society Exhibit, Bellevue, WA
1987-88:                     National Exhibit Competition Winner, Artists’ Liaison National Competition
1986, June:                 Professional Painting Award, Pacific NW Arts and Crafts Fair,                                     Bellevue,WA

2010-12:                      Northern NM College, Espanola, NM
1986-88:                      Washington State Artist-in-Residence, State Arts Commission, Olympia,                                      WA
1985-86:                      Watercolor Instructor, Pratt Fine Arts Center, Seattle, WA

2008-present:              High Road Artisans, Truchas, NM, President 2010-2012
2008-2010:                  TAO (Taos Artist Organization)
2007:                           Corvidae Printmaking Guild, Port Townsend WA
2006-2008:                  Seattle Print Arts, Seattle, WA
1989 to present:          Signature Member Northwest Watercolor Society

 1996, May:                   Master’s Degree, MSN, Gonzaga University, Spokane, WA
1981, May:                   Bachelor of Arts, Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA
1981-‘83:                     Independent Study with Seattle Artist, Karen Guzak

2011-present               Las Comadres Gallery, Taos, NM
2008-present:              Walking Woman Gallery, Penasco, NM
2008-present:              Art for the Heart, Penasco, NM          
2008-present:              High Road Marketplace Gallery, Truchas, NM

Steven Keely Collection          “Outside the Lock”, “Blackberry Moon”, “Waiting Moon”, “Dream                                                  Basket”
King County Arts Commission Portable Works Collection:   “Raven Moon”
Katherine Baril Collection:      “Forgotten Pocket”, “Return of the Salmon Moon”, “Blackberry                                                  Moon II”
Louis Mangione Collection:     “First Flight”, “Manta”, “Budding Moon”, “River of Dreams”,                                                  “Homage Rising”,  “Earth Vessel”  Monoprints, #s 8, 9, and 10,                                                  “Night Peepers”, “Lunar Drum”,  “Mountain Song”.
Todd Detwiler Collection:        “Fallen Moon Rising II”, “Morning’s Web”, “Earth Vessel”                                                  Monoprint #12, “Valley of the Ravens”, “Sanctuary II”, “Night                                                  Peepers”, “Planetary Ring-tone”
Cindy Alford Collection:           Mourning Blanket”, “Reeds”, “Machu Pichu II”, “Clouds I”,                                                  “Keepers of the Family Jewels”

2012. October                         “Images of Mystery”, Las Comadres Gallery, Taos, NM
2009, 10, 11, 12: September: High Road Studio Tour, DC Arts Studio, Chamisal, NM
2009, August:                          “Abundance”, A TEACO, Albuquerque, NM
2008, October:                        People’s Bank Exhibit, TAO, Taos, NM
2006, April:                              Port Townsend Gallery, Port Townsend, WA
1991, April:                              “Recent Works”, Artspace Gallery, Bay City, Oregon
1989, February:                       “From the Seed”, Linda Meier Gallery, Seattle, WA
1987, October:                        “New Moons”, Steven Keely Gallery, Seattle, WA
1987, April:                              “Watercolors”, Hank’s by the Lake, Seattle, WA
1986 November/December:  “Solo”, Kid’s Center, Seattle, WA
1986, August:                          “New Artists”, Seattle Art Museum Rental and Sales Gallery,                                                  Seattle, WA
1986, June:                             “Recent Works”, Community Arts Center, Ellensburg, WA
1986, January:                        “Recent Works”, Viking Union Gallery, Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA
1985, September:                   “Lunar Tapestries”, King County Arts Commission Gallery, Seattle,                                                 WA.
1985, March:                           “Grid as Matrix”, Steven Keely Gallery, Seattle, WA
1983, April:                              “Watercolors”, Central Oregon Community College Gallery, Bend,                                                  OR
1982, April:                              “Watercolors”, Blue Heron Gallery, Vashon, WA

2011:                           Taos Fall Arts Festival Publication
2009:                           “Edible Santa Fe”, winter edition, “Feast your Eyes”, pp. 47, 48.
2009, 10, 11:               High Road Art Tour Brochure
2008:                           Sound Healing: Vibrational Healing with Ohm Tuning Forks, by Marjorie                                     de Muynck, page 7 and color insert.
2008, August:              TAO studio tour catalog
2008: March:               The Watercolorist’s Guide to Exceptional Color, by Jan Hart, (represented                                     in discussion of Oriental papers used for watercolor techniques)
2005, October:            “Art Port Townsend” festival poster and studio tour brochure cover.
1990, ‘85, ‘86:              Northwest Watercolor Society Exhibition Catalogs   
1987, Spring:               Artists’ Liaison Catalog
1984, December:        CALYX, A Journal of Art and Literature by Women, volume 8, number 3

2012, January:            Las Comadres Gallery, Taos, NM
2011, October:            “Taos Select”, Taos Convention Center, Taos, NM
2011, July:                   “Mining the Unconscious II: SF University of Art and Design, Santa Fe,                                      NM
2011, Feb, Mar:           18 Days, NM Women Artists, Munoz Waxman Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
2011, February:            Small Art for a Big Heart, Penasco, NM
2011, February:           Miniatures Exhibit, Millicent Rogers Museum, Taos NM.
2010, Spring:               High Road Artists Exhibit, Sugar Nymph’s Bistro, Penasco, NM
2009, October:            Town Hall Exhibit, Taos, NM
2009, May:                   “Summer of Love”, Art Plaza, Taos NM
2009, March:               Miniatures Exhibit, Millicent Rogers Museum, Taos, NM
2008, October:            Preview Exhibit TAO tour; Kachina Lodge, Taos NM
2008, August:              National Watercolor Exhibit, Millicent Rogers Museum, Taos NM
2008, July:                   Regional Peace Exhibit, Sugar Nymph’s Bistro, Penasco, NM
2008, April:                  “Venus on the Half-shell”, Touchstone Gallery, Taos, NM
2007, January:            NWWS Signature Members Exhibit, Snohomish Arts Center, Everett, WA
2006, December:        “Small Expressions V”, Northwind Arts Center, Port Townsend, WA
2006, June:                 “Earth, Air, Fire and Water”, Port Townsend, WA, juror, Jake Seniuk
2005, December:        “Small Expressions IV”, Northwind Arts Center, Port Townsend, WA.
2004, December:        “Small Expressions III”, Northwind Arts Center, Port Townsend, WA
2004, October:            “Art Port Townsend Annual Exhibit”, Northwind Arts Center, Port                                      Townsend, WA
2004, March:               “Gold Show” (award), Klallam Arts Center Gallery, Port Angeles, WA
2003, December:        “Small Expressions II”, Northwind Arts Center, Port Townsend, WA
2003, August:              “Master Gardener Conference Exhibit” (award), Fort Warden, Port                                      Townsend, WA
1993, June:                 “Northwest Watercolors”, Washington State Convention Center, Seattle,                                      WA
1992, October:            “Images of War”, OK Hotel, Seattle, WA
1991, August:              NW Watercolor Society Signature Members Exhibit, North Central                                      Washington Museum, Wenatchee, WA
1991, July:                   Group exhibit, Artspace Gallery, Bay City, Oregon
1990, June:                  50th Annual NW Watercolor Society Exhibit, Stonington Gallery,                                      Seattle, WA
1990, May:                   NW Watercolor Society Signature Members Exhibit, Arts Center Gallery,                                      Everett, WA
1989, June:                  49th Annual NW Watercolor Society Exhibit, Bellevue Art Museum,                                      Bellevue, WA
1989, May:                   Printmaker’s Exhibit, Chandler Gallery, Wellfleet MA
1989, April:                   NW Printmakers’ Invitational, Lisa Harris Gallery, Seattle, WA
1989, March:               “The Rest of the Northwest”, Broadway Market, Seattle, WA
1989, March:               Annual Women’s Exhibit, Linda Meier’s Gallery, Seattle, WA
1988, May-Sept:          Group Exhibition, Chandler Gallery, Wellfleet, MA
1988, May-July:           48th Annual NW Watercolor Society Exhibit, Bellevue Art Museum,
                                    Bellevue, WA
1988, April:                  Art Liaison Spring Exhibit, Scottsdale, AZ
1988, March:               National Watercolor Society Invitational Exhibit, LA Artcore Gallery, Los                                     Angeles, CA
1988, January:            Art Liaison Exhibit, Gallery Imago, San Francisco, CA         
1987-88:                      National Watercolor Society Traveling Exhibit, Seattle, WA, Vancouver,                                     BC
1987, October:            Art Liaison Fall Exhibit, Scottsdale Arizona
1987, July:                   David Brown Galley, Provincetown, MA
1987, Jan/Feb:            National Watercolor Society 66th Annual Exhibit, Muckenthaler Center,                                     Fullerton, Ca
1986, December:        “Celebration: Especially for Children”, Bellevue Art Museum, Bellevue,                                      WA
1986, Summer:           King County Arts Commission New Acquisitions, Public Arts Space,                                      Seattle Center, Seattle, WA
1986, June:                 “Watercolors West”, Missoula Museum of Art, Missoula, MT
1985, June-Aug:          Oregon/Washington Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Maryhill Museum,                                      Goldendale, WA
1985, June:                 “Reclaiming our Images”, National Women’s Studies Conference, Seattle,                                     WA
1985, June:                 45th Annual NW Watercolor Society Exhibit, Bellevue Art Museum,                                      Bellevue, WA
1984, April-June:         44th Annual NW Watercolor Society Annual Exhibit, Bellevue Art                                     Museum, Bellevue, WA         

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