Retired Founding Members

Harriette Tsosie

Harriette Tsosie, painter from Albuquerque, and Belinda Edwards, assemblage artist from Santa Fe retired from Creation Migration in 2014 to pursue other avenues with their artwork. Both were inspired and inspirational founding members of the group from its inception in 2011.

Harriette, a prolific and studied painter, works tirelessly at finding new ways to stretch the boundaries of her work with encaustics. She is involved in teaching, collaborations, and  is a founder of Encaustic Artist groups working together in New Mexico. Visit her website for the full story:

End of Summer Quartet

Belinda Edwards brought ideas to the group from many perspectives. She has great enthusiasm for bringing information from the dream realm and sharing it in a way that makes it universal. That coupled with a deep involvement in learning about her African heritage keeps Belinda ever creating and sharing. She works from her home in Santa Fe.

Belinda Edwards

Detail from "Memory", Belinda Edwards


  1. Harriette, Your art is lovely. I would like to add your blog to my blog links list. More to see and read!

  2. You have it first ----

    I had a need to create an ID called "Creation [ Fist ] Migration [ Last ]" for a YouTube Comment that applies to the information field of memetics.
    This comment appears here:

    Psychopaths (Crime Psychology Documentary) - Real Stories

    If I am infringing on your ID, I am on a completely different wavelength and I appreciate your web presence before me. It is an unusual ID to not have a following of IDs to pick from.

    It seems the term is used in many writings as a list order sequentially "creation, migration" and that is the power of memes and memetics that generated us both to use the term in our IDs.

    I mean this sincerely, Yes Yes I Do.

    Have a wonderful life and make it day to day if that is all that you see for the moment of creation. But I know best, your are creations beautified by art and such a wonderful thing to explore here soon. AND I WILL

    My intentions are always stated as real intentions expressed in a ideal of Quality Over Quantity --- You Are Beautiful.

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