Wednesday, March 26, 2014

HONORING OUR ANCESTORS coming to Penasco, NM April 19, 2014

Tsosie, "Bosque in Winter"

The latest incarnation from the Creation Migration group will be an exhibit at the Gaucho Blue Fine Art Gallery in Penasco, NM. We are excitedly working on new artworks that speak directly to the theme of "Honoring our Ancestors", the title of our new show.

Harriette Tsosie continues her work on identity with a further showing of the work from her Grandmother's diaries  In addition she will be showing new encaustic pieces that describe a sense of place in seasonal variations in the Bosque of her SW Albuquerque home.

Edwards, "Memory" detail
Caulton, "A Golden Morning Near Baku"

Belinda Edwards is exploring her relationship with her Mother with a new installation piece. Continuity is achieved by  incorporating the relationship with long ago family of the African motherland. This is in keeping with Belinda's interest in "Mother" as an archetype relating to the "Feminine".

In Donna Caulton's new work she pays homage to the long and arduous migration that brought her family through the changing earth over thousands of years. This is achieved through iconic images in acrylic of animals that may have been seen by migrating ancestors through time and earth event.

Miller-Kusz, "Swing Shift"

Betsie Miller-Kusz is facing new revelations from the Guardian figure that has been the subject of her paintings in recent years. As she continues to bring this ethereal being into visual reality for sharing with the world, Betsie feels both guided and protected by this being. At the same time she is offering the human family the opportunity to feel this protective force through her paintings.

Sharing with us in this very special exhibit will be participating artists and other community members. Works of art as well as family memorabilia, photos, stories and artifacts will be presented. In addition we have prepared an Ancestral Altar, being careful to include items that represent the many ancestors who settled this land. During the exhibit opening, attendees are invited to place items on the altar that pay homage to their ancestry.

The opening event will be from 3 until 7 PM on Saturday April 19, 2014. Special guests will be sharing their gifts of spirit and story in keeping with the Creation Migration: Stories of the Journey themes.

Here is the schedule for opening day:

3:00: Gallery opens
3:15: Blessing: Cat Tsosie, Picuris Elder
          Greetings: Larry Torres, Associate Professor of Languages and Cultures, UNM
3:30: Honors to the Eldest of the Elders from our villages.
4:00: The Picuris Buffalo Herd: Cat Tsosie
4:30: Presentation of first twelve families of Las Trampas: Jerol Arguello,
          researcher and author of A Pioneering Community: A Tribute to Juan De
          Arguello and the Original Families Who Settled the Santo Thomas Apostol
          Del Rio de Las Trampas Land Grant.
7PM: Gallery closes

Gaucho Blue Fine Art Gallery, 14148 State Rd. 75, Penasco, NM 87553
Open April 19, 2014, 3-7PM. 
Beginning April 20, 2014, open Thursday thru Monday, 11AM til 5PM.